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Policy Statements

Substance Abuse Policy

It is the policy of NCCCO that CCO-certified personnel shall not use a prescribed or over-the-counter substance which would impair the ability to operate cranes safely.

This includes illegal drugs, controlled substances (including trace amounts), look-alike drugs, designer drugs, or any other substance which may have an effect on the human body of being a narcotic, depressant, stimulant or hallucinogen.

An exception to this rule is that an operator may use such a substance or drug if it is prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner who is familiar with the operator’s medical history and all assigned duties, and who has advised the operator that the prescribed substance or drug will not adversely affect the operator’s ability to safely operate.

CCO-certified crane operators shall comply with the substance abuse testing provisions of ASME B30.

It is a condition of certification that those certified by NCCCO attest to their compliance with this Substance Abuse Policy. Non-compliance with this policy automatically revokes a candidate’s certification status.