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Written Exam

Criteria for Test Sites

To be an approved test site, facilities must meet all CCO criteria for hosting a Written Exam. If the facility meets the stated criteria, NCCCO will provide all necessary information to allow tests to be scheduled. A facility’s status as an CCO Written Exam test site lapses after one year from the date of approval if no tests are administered.

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The examination room must provide adequate separation of candidates, as well as sufficient space for taking the examination. In addition, administration sites must meet the following requirements:

  • There should be only one point of entry and exit — Candidates must enter and exit through the same door.
  • The testing room must be an indoor facility suitable for the exam candidates, to include:
    • Quiet, well-lit, properly ventilated with a comfortable temperature and free from distractions to candidates
    • Accessible to candidates with special needs
    • A head table or podium at the front of the room
    • A registration table
    • Easy access to unlocked rest rooms stocked with sufficient supplies
    • Easy access to water fountain
    • Large signs prominently posted making candidates aware of the location of the test
    • A clock visible to all candidates, preferably at the front of the room so that candidates can see it without turning their heads.
  • There should be sufficient tables and space for the number of candidates registered. Make certain that the number of candidates can be seated according to the following requirements:
    • 6-foot tables: No more than two candidates per table
    • 8-foot tables: No more than three candidates per table
    • Round tables: No more than one candidate per table (These may be used, but are inefficient due to the requirement of only one candidate per table.)
    • Desks: No more than one candidate per desk. Desks may be used only if their surface area is large enough to hold both the test booklet and answer sheet. They should accommodate both left-handed and right-handed candidates with equal comfort.
  • The tables should have smooth writing surfaces and adequate space to accommodate examination booklets and answer sheets without crowding.
  • There must be an adequate supply of sharpened #2 pencils for candidates to use on test day.
  • The chairs should be comfortable, with an appropriate height in relation to the tables used. Chairs with backs are preferable to stools or benches without backs.
  • Rest rooms should be located near examination rooms and should be easy to find. Post directional signs if necessary.
  • Room acoustics must be good. If the room is large, make sure that a microphone is available and that it works well. Candidates in the back of the room must be able to hear verbal instructions clearly.
  • There must be adequate space for proctors to observe candidates easily.
  • Parking should be sufficient to accommodate the number of vehicles expected.